Photo Tips

The quality of your photo will go a long way in determining how your poster turns out. Customer satisfaction with the poster you designed is very important to us. We need your help by sending us a good quality photo we can work with.

Type of photo to upload:
We accept the following digital file formats: jpeg, tiff, png, and psd. If you have a paper photo you can get it scanned and converted to jpeg by most office supply stores like Office Max, Staples, or Kinko's.

Recommended Resolution of photo:
The higher the resolution the better. Most digital cameras sold today are good enough for our posters.

Poster Titles and text can be changed by you.
The titles and text we use are just examples to give you an idea of how you can create your own unique poster. Feel free to change according to your own preferences. After all, it is YOUR photo poster.

The photo itself:
We will touch up your photo as needed to make sure your photo insert looks its best. If the the photo you send us is unsuitable we will contact you on how you can create a better quality photo.

Poses- "Tips and Ideas"

  1. Make sure the photo insert you want to use fits the pose for that poster. Some posters look better with a head and shoulders photo while other posters look best using the whole body.
  2. Wear costumes & use props for added realism. PLAY THE PART! Example: Wearing pirate clothes in our pirate poster adds the right amount of realism to make your poster realistic.
  3. Take photos of your friends and family doing something silly.
  4. Poses displaying an "attitude" is part of the creative process at work in your individual poster. Unleash your imagination!

We use the same photo insert model in many of our posters we display to show you how interchangeable each pose is in the various styles/themes available.

See poses below for examples.